Roger Daltrey Book to Hit Stores in October

Roger Daltrey will release his new upcoming autobiography, which is titled Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite: My Story,  in the U.S. on October 23.

The book is named after the strict headmaster of his school, he revealed. Daltrey delves into every detail of his life,  from his birth during World War II through his years as an unruly student, his eventual expulsion from school and his brief stint as a sheet-metal worker before he founded The Who.

Fans can check out the cover of the book, which features a photo of Roger from the 1970s standing in front of a pile of rubble. To see it–and get more details on pre-order information–go online  at

Daltrey is currently on a solo tour, which apparently included a private show in a backyard at a home in Monmouth Beach, NJ.  If your invite got lost in the mail, here is a recent video from an appearance this summer: