Rob Acampora Presents The Boss Back to School Special of The List

Well the kids are back to school, all of the 1st day of school photos have blanketed Facebook, the homework has already begun, and the countdown to Xmas break has begun?
The New 107.1 The Boss salutes higher education with this edition of The List.  This Sweet 16 have some educational angle: the teacher, the band, the blackboard, the subjects taken, the prom and of course the end of the school year!  The angles appear in the songs or in the band’s name (you should catch that one!), and one because of a band appearing in the song!  The List does not include the theme to Big Bang Theory by Barenaked Ladies – although this song sums up Math, Science and History in about 2 minutes!
Take a look at what we have here, and this should give you some ideas for this week’s #FridayFavorites as the theme is “Back To School” songs:
1)  Van Halen  —  Hot For Teacher (“What do you think the teacher will look like this year …..”)
2)  Pink Floyd  —  Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2 (“We don’t need know education …… Hey – Teacher – leave those kids alone!”)
3)  Pearl Jam  —  Jeremy  (“Trying to erase me from the blackboard”)
4)  Modern English  —  I Melt With You  (I remember nearly flunking English in HS)
5)  Bruce Springsteen  —  No Surrender (“We learned more from a 3-minute record baby than we ever learned from school”)
6)  Supertramp  —  The Logical Song (lots of Teaching going on here – how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical)
7)  Nada Surf  —  Popular  (references the Quarterback, the cheerleader, and the head of the class in this ’96 hit)
8)  Fleetwood Mac  —  Tusk (featuring the USC marching band)
9)  .38 Special  —  Teacher Teacher (from the ’84 movie Teachers with Nick Nolte and Ralph M3rd Eye Blindacchio)
10) Timbuk 3  —  Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (talking about that crazy teacher who wears sunglasses)
11) Motley Crue  —  Smokin’ In The Boys Room (where the teacher found you!)
12) The Ramones  —  Rock ‘N Roll High School (….. by the 2000’s it was High School Musical!  Ponder That One!)
13) Rush  —  Subdivisions (“… in the High School halls ….”)
14) 3rd Eye Blind  —  Graduate (the eventual goal, even if it takes 5 or 6 years)
15) Bon Jovi  —  Never Say Goodbye (“Remember at the prom that night”…. Wendy from #RobAndWendy did with this song!)
16) Alice Cooper  —  School’s Out (“for Summer” …… the other eventual goal!)