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Rob Acampora Presents: A Very Special Boss Thanksgiving Day List

Happy Thanksgiving to you!  May you enjoy this weekend with family and loved ones, also with leftovers!  Remember to be Thankful for all the blessings in your life, even if this year has not been that great for you.  We are all lucky to be here!
This weekend will have plenty of food, plenty of relatives, maybe even some shopping, and don’t forget the football!  The List covers all these things in some way musically.
Finding songs about Thanksgiving does not exist, but this edition of The List will give Thanks, highlight parts of the meal, recognize the family, one of the traditional NFL football teams that play on Turkey Day, and a clue to the next theme for The List.  All these songs were hits of some kind, and yes I did leave off Simon & Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair” for its Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (but it deserves some recognition).
Yes I will stretch the point a little here, but it is my rules for The List.  Hope you enjoy the angles!
1) Adam Sandler  —  The Thanksgiving Song (A perfect start!)
2) Matchbox 20  —  3am (the time you may have awaken to prepare that meal, or the time your shopping the next day?)
3) The Contours  —  Do Ya Love Me  (“I can mash potatoes”!)
4) Rolling Stones  —  Brown Sugar (used for your sweet potatoes)
5) The Beatles  —  Glass Onion (creamed pearl onions actually)
6) ZZ Top  —  TV Dinners (“20 yr old turkey in a 30 yr old tin” …… not the kind of turkey you had in mind!)
7) Bon Jovi / Jennifer Nettles — Who Says You Can’t Go Home (you are probably gathering there today!)
8) Sammy Hagar  —  Give To Live (good message for Giving!)
9) Supertramp  —  Give A Little Bit (hell, Give a lot!)
10) Natalie Merchant  —  Kind and Generous (your host is always that, and Merchant says Thank You dozens of times!)
11) Alanis Morissette  —  Thank U  (theme going on here!)
12) Fall Out Boy  —  Thanks For The Memories (“even if they weren’t so great” …… that’s pretty thankful!?!?)
13) Bruce Springsteen  —  Hungry Heart (please, every inch of you is hungry!)
14) Weird Al Yankovic  —  Eat It (Amen!!!!!)
15) The Cranberries  —  Linger  (notice how The Cranberries always Linger the longest with this meal)
16) Aerosmith  —  Back In The Saddle (the Cowboys are back, saddled up for a 4:15 kickoff on Thanksgiving)
17) Smashing Pumpkins  —  Tonight Tonight (yes, Pumpkin Pie Tonight!)
18) Warrant  —  Cherry Pie (not everybody likes pumpkin pie)
 BONUS TRACK: AC/ DC  —  Back In Black  —  (for another Black Friday of shopping!)
Thanksgiving is holiday where we’re thankful for everything that we already have, but on the very next day, we trample and stampede each other for the things that we don’t have ….. Look for another edition of The List this weekend for “Black” Friday!
Enjoy your weekend, and remember do not forget those less fortunate this holiday season!