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Rob Acampora of the Rob and Wendy 1071 The Boss Morning Show Presents The List: ‘Love’ Songs for Valentines’ Day

On this day of hearts, flowers, candy, romantic dinners and lighter wallets, The New 107.1 The Boss wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Creating a soundtrack for this day was going to be tough with all the Classic Rock songs that do set a tone with love and romance, so The List has one key word for 2 dozen songs — Love.

You’ll see that all of these songs have “Love” in the title or lyrics.  Some of these songs on The List are oozing with emotion, some just flat out rock, and a few you may have forgotten about.

In attempting to keep a positive vibe for today Love Stinks by J. Geils Band, I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett, I Used To Love Her by Guns ‘N Roses and You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi were not included in The List but are recognized for those who are Valentine-less.

Now indulge in this version of The List — not as satisfying as chocolate but worth the experience:

1)  Queen  —  Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Ready Freddie!)

2)  Foreigner  —  I Wanna Know What Love Is (many wanted to show Lou Gramm back in the day)

3)  Fleetwood Mac  —  You Make Loving Fun (as oppose to making love painful?  That may be another List for another time)

4)  Whitesnake  —  Is This Love (it’s that or the flu maybe)

5)  Eddie Money  —  I Think I’m In Love (it’s that or the flu maybe)

6)  Bad Company  —  Feel Like Making Love (as Austin Powers would say …. Yeah Baby!)

7)  The Beatles  —  All You Need Is Love (Love is all you need!)

8)  Peter Gabriel  —  In Your Eyes (first word in the song is Love)

9)  Van Halen  —  When It’s Love (it’s something you feel …. nothing’s missing)

10) Billy Joel  —  Just The Way You Are (that is how he Loves you)

11) Journey  —  Open Arm (“What your Love means to me”)

12) REO Speedwagon  —  Keep On Loving You (the only thing they wanna do!)

13) The Cure  —  Love Song (heading into the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame …. Love that!)

14) The Eagles  —  Best of My Love (the worst of my love would be a break up right?)

15) Scorpions  —  Still Loving You (global hit that sold over 2 Million copies in ’82)

16) Bruce Springsteen  —  Tunnel Of Love (cannot be The Boss and ignore him!)

17) Tesla  —  Love Song (“Love is gonna find a way”)

18) Huey Lewis and The News  —  The Power of Love (curious isn’t it?)

19) Pete Townsend  —  Let My Love Open The Door (“to your heart”)

20) Steve Winwood  —  Higher Love (there must be that!)

21) Tears For Fears  —  Sowing The Seeds of Love (went to #2 on the Billbord chart in ’89)

22) Led Zeppelin  —  Whole Lotta Love (every inch of Love!)

23) Cheap Trick  —  If You Want My Love (“you got it”)

24) B 52’s  —  Love Shack (good place to stop, baby!)