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Rip Her to Shreds: Debbie Harry Announces New Memoir

Blondie front woman is going to tell all in a new memoir, titled Face It, due in 2020, she tells Rolling Stone.

The book, she says, will tell the story of the band from her “warped little perspective.”

“It’s such a long period of time, and there’s so much to tell, that I couldn’t really isolate a lot of little stories and events,” she says. “It’s an overview of the way we got through and maintained and continued and carried on through all that time.”

Harry says the book will include stories from every era of the band, from the earlier days with guitarist Chris Stein, through the release of the first album in 1976 and the 1997 reunion.

Of the band’s self-titled first album from 1976, Harry remembers: “We weren’t sitting in a safe place musically. We were always reaching and trying to do something that was maybe beyond our skills. But it forced us to be better and to work harder.”

Blondie is also planning a trip to Cuba and is already working on a new album.