Rare David Bowie Demos to be Released This April

The forthcoming  David Bowie vinyl singles box set Spying Through a Keyhole (Demos and Unreleased Songs)–now has a release date of April 5.

As previously reported, the collection consists of four seven-inch vinyl discs of mostly rare demo recordings that Bowie made during the late 1960s. For the first time, nine tracks will be available in a physical format.  The title of the set is taken from an unreleased song, “Love All Around.”

Other rare gems include demo versions of “In the Heat of the Morning,”  “London Bye, Ta-Ta,” and an alternate version of “Space Oddity.”

Bowie used to send his demos to labels with handwritten titles, and this is reflected in the artwork available in the set.

To make it extra special, fans can get a glimpse of 1968 with photographs taken by Ray Stevenson in Tony Visconti’s flat in the summer of 1968.

To order, look HERE.

Here is the track list:

Here is the box set’s full track list:

Single 1
Side 1: “Mother Grey” (demo)
Side 2: “In the Heat of the Morning” (demo)

Single 2
Side 1: “Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe” (demo)
Side 2: “Love All Around” (demo)

Single 3
Side 1: “London Bye, Ta-Ta” (demo)
Side 2: “Angel, Angel, Grubby Face” (demo version 1)

Single 4
Side 1: “Angel, Angel, Grubby Face” (demo version 2), “Space Oddity” (demo excerpt)
Side 2: “Space Oddity” (demo – alternative lyrics) — with John “Hutch” Hutchinson