Queen Guitarist Brian May Announces Livestream Concerts: Could Adam Lambert Be Next?

Covid-19 Won’t Stop Him Now: Queen guitarist Dr. Brian May is conducting a living room live-stream series entertaining fans looking to rock during the cornavirus crisis.

“This is my contribution to the Common Good tonight. A raw cheer-up outburst. Living Room Rock!” he writes. “Is this the future? To all you folks out there feeling as disorientated as I do — let’s isolate together!!! And keep rockin’ together!! OK? With love. Yours truly — your friendly neighbourhood chap who clearly imagines he’s in Hawaii!!!”

May, holding his guitar, addressed fans in a video, saying: “So folks, here we all are self-isolating, ’cause it’s really the only thing we can do, and we’re thinking to ourselves, ‘What happened to my life?! Who am I? Who was I? Who could I be in this new kind of world?’ And we’re all gonna need a friend.”

He continued, “The kind of friend you sometimes need is something like this,” and proceeds to rip into a wailing solo. As he finishes his performance, he adds, “And your friend will always be there for you.”

Countdown to the Adam Lambert couch series, 1071 The Boss fans?

Watch Brian below: