Phil Collins Reveals Origin of Early Drum Sound in New Interview

Just how did Phil Collins come out with that big drum sound he is known for? In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Phil gives all the credit to former Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel.

Phil says the drum sound materialized in a recording session for “Intruder.” Gabriel nixed the idea of having cymbals on the track, as he wanted the album to remain metal free.

New Phil Collins Box Set to be Released in Fall

“That was at a time when Peter didn’t really have a band since he couldn’t afford an American band full time. I was at a loose end and going through a divorce. I think I’d done most of my demos for Face Value and said, “If you need a drummer, man, I’m around. I’m free.” He took me up on the offer and I went down to his house in Bath along with a couple of other people,” he said. ” [Bassist] John Giblin was one and [guitarist] Jo Partridge was the other. We just kind of lived there for month and played every day and helped him prepare some of these songs that were going to be on the third album.”

At the end of recording, Phil asked Peter what his plans were for the track. Not satisfied with his answer–“I don’t know yet”–he put in a request for a copy “because I felt part ownership.”

“I got a copy and when it turned out he was going to adapt one of his songs to fit the drum part I said, “Can I have a credit, at least? If I can’t use the thing, I’d like to have a credit,” he said.  “He agreed to that and I started my very strong friendship with Hugh Padgham and we went from there to do my records and Genesis records. The rest is sonic history.”

Phil is set to release his new box set, Plays Well With Others, on Sept. 28, a collection spotlighting his most interesting guest appearance on other artists’ albums.

Phil’s “Not Dead Yet” tour lands in Newark at the Prudential Center on Oct. 13.

For the rest of the interview, look HERE.