Peter Frampton Surprises Young Fan Recovering From Brain Surgery

Peter Frampton gave a young fan who just underwent a major operation a thrill and a gift he will always remember, starting with an invitation to his studio.

Frampton–who was recently diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, an incurable condition that causes the muscles to weaken–was touched by the story of the nine-year old boy, identified only as “Jack,” who recently underwent brain surgery less than a year after a tragic loss.

He was supposed to attend my show with his father last Summer. But, his Dad passed away before that happened. A few weeks ago, he fell at school and had to have brain surgery.” Frampton shared on Twitter.

“He’s had a tough go of it lately. So, I decided to surprise him with a visit to my studio where I presented him with a beautiful new guitar,” he continued. “He also got to listen to a song that hasn’t been released to the public yet. I don’t think Jack will ever forget this day. NEITHER WILL I!!