Pete Townshend Takes Fans Inside Record Making Process with New Video Blog (Videos)

Who guitarist Pete Townshend has been documenting the recording of the band’s forthcoming album in a video blog that’s he posting on YouTube and

Three clips have been posted so far, with the first one capturing all of the action of Pete in the studio on his first day in London, minus singer Roger Daltrey.

“{Roger is] not with us on this first day, which is kind of sad, but he’s off getting himself together, preparing for the year ahead.” Townshend said. “[H]e’ll be in to do some vocal work hopefully when he gets back, I think which [will be] about halfway through February.”

So who did make it to the recording sessions? Brother/ guitarist/backing vocalist Simon Townshend; drummer Zak Starkey; and bassist Pino Palladino. Longtime Who and Townshend collaborator Billy Nicholls also is there, as are the new album’s producer, Dave Sardy; Pete’s guitar tech, Alan Rogan; and some engineers.

What is really cool is Pete is taking the time in a written blog to explain the pressures of coming up with a track that will capture a Who fan in the first few seconds of the record, as he theorizes that more and more listeners are coming back to listening to the radio.

“They say now that most people only listen to the first two to five seconds of a track online before they move on. It has to connect very quickly. So one way to connect is to use an old sample of something everyone already knows. So every one of the tracks on the next album starts with the guitar from ‘Pinball Wizard,'” he jokes.

The challenge, he says, is “trying to make a record that sounds the way a Who album should, and yet be sharp enough to catch the attention of someone surfing through a bunch of songs online.”

To illustrate that point, he tells the story of his own daughter’s listening habits.

“When my daughter Emma was young she liked a band called Haircut 100. One track of theirs she played about 100 times. That’s what happens when young teenage girls like a song. They get together, learn every lyric, watch the video and learn the dances, and jive on the moments in the song for a week until they move on to what appeals to them next. Well guess what! The fans of artists like Ariana Grande, the young girls, still do that,” he said.