Paul McCartney Gets Animated in Big Screen Debut of ‘Bruce McMouse’

A previously unseen Paul McCartney film will finally be available to view on the big screen this month.

The Bruce McMouse Show–which tells the story of how Paul McCartney and Wings “came to meet the inimitable impresario Bruce McMouse”–will debut in theaters on Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King Day).

The show is set to screen at the IFC Center in NYC that day.

“Part concert film, part animated feature, The Bruce McMouse Show features footage from Wings’ 1972 European tour, interspersed with animated scenes that introduce a family of mice living under the stage,” says a press release.

The Bruce McMouse Show opens with “Big Barn Bed” from Red Rose Speedway,  explains press materials.

The film takes vieweres into a “charming animated world” where Bruce and his family of mice realize that a band–“The Wings”–are playing a show above their abode. The film was directed by Barry Chattington and produced by Roger Cherrill. The  live concert elements were taken from four shows in The Netherlands and Germany in 1972.

The show will be available via digital download on Feb. 8.

Tickets are available HERE.

Watch the trailer below: