Paul McCartney Drops Major Hint About Surprise NYC Gig; Surprises Fans on Jimmy Fallon

The evening commute in New York City is about to become very interesting thanks to a high profile busker. While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Paul McCartney  dropped a major clue about tonight’s  (Sept. 7) surprise New York City gig timed with  the release of his new album, Egypt Station, which is out today. Clue number one: Station is in the album title. No. 2?

It might be “grand.” So, Grand Central Station run, anyone? If you can’t make it, the show will be live streamed on his YouTube channel at 8 p.m.

McCartney also talked about the concept behind Egypt Station and his conscious decision to stay away from attempting a modern pop album.

Speaking frankly to Fallon, McCartney bowed to pop superstars Taylor Swift and Beyonce, noting they already have that area sewn up.

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“We figured we can’t really do the modern pop album where it’s just a bunch of singles,” he explained. “People like Taylor Swift and Beyonce have got that kind of thing covered. And they’ve got better legs than me.”

McCartney explained that when he was in The Beatles, the only way to get an album was to have enough hit singles that could be packaged into a collection with twenty minutes on each side. As the group matured, they started to explore how to make a record more thematic, as opposed to a singles collection. With Egypt Station (produced by Greg Kurstin),  the 76-year old icon decided to “go back to that theory that you might even listen to it the whole way through.”

As for his favorite examples of concept albums, McCartney nodded to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Fallon also chewed up time showing McCartney his vinyl albums from when he was 10, asked him to call his old childhood phone number, and staged a stunt in the elevator at 30 Rock. Plus, Paul rocked the house with “Come on to Me.”

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