Paul McCartney Announces Children’s Picture Book: ‘Hey Grandude!’

As if putting out a new album, announcing a new tour, and doing a flurry of press appearances wasn’t enough, now Sir Paul McCartney is adding author to his list of 2018 accomplishments.

The Beatle icon is set to publish his first children’s book, titled Hey Grandude!.

The savvy 76-year old took to Twitter to tell fans all about it in a cute video.

“Well… I’ve got eight grandchildren and they’re all beautiful and one day one of them said to me “Hey Grandude!”,” says the bubbly Beatle of his inspiration.

The book is about a character called ‘Grandude,’ who represents grandfathers everywhere, Paul explains. “And he has four grandchildren, and he calls them ‘Chillers.’ And they love him and they go on adventures with him. And he’s kind of magical.”

The book will be published by Random House Kids, and will be available next September.