Ozzy Osbourne On What Really Scares Him (Hint: Not Bats)

Ozzy Osbourne is known for biting the head off of a bat, but that’s not the creature that strikes fear in the rocker’s soul, he shared in a new interview.

His weakness-he says–is not a bat, but a rat.

“I tell you what I am scared of… rats. They’ve got so many diseases we don’t have the cure for,” he says. “It’s crazy that anyone would think I’d be in league with the devil, because I’m terrified of all kinds of s**t. I’m very superstitious. I have to try not to be, otherwise I wouldn’t leave the house.”

Ozzy is hitting the road for one last hurrah on the road, but what would he like to be remembered for? Well, just to be remembered at all would be nice, says Ozzy.

“I’d like to be remembered for the work I did with Black Sabbath. I’m so proud of the music. But to be honest, just being remembered would be an achievement to me. I come from Aston in Birmingham, y’know? I used to play on bombsites,” he said. “I don’t get to go back very often, but I went back for some BBC show once. There’s a guy living in the house I grew up in, and they charge people £200 to sleep in the bedroom I had as a kid.”

His entire reason for being in the music industry could be attributed to his love of The Beatles, he says.

“I thought I was going to f*&king die when I met Paul McCartney. The Beatles are my favourite band. They’re the reason I got into music. And he’s a lovely man. Some people say he’s not, but I don’t give a sh**t. He was lovely to me.”

Read the rest of the interview in The Guardian.

Ozzy’s “No More Tours” tour hits the PNC Bank Arts Center Sept. 10.