Ozzy Osbourne is ‘Miserable,’ says Sharon Osbourne–Translation: He’s Better! (Video Below)

Good news: Ozzy Osbourne is back to moaning and complaining.

Why is this good? According to Jack and Sharon Osbourne, it means he is over his nasty flu symptoms and getting back to normal.

Ozzy Osbourne Out of ICU and Improving, Sharon Osbourne Reveals

“Well, if this gauges where he’s at, he’s complaining a lot and he’s back to his normal routine,” Jack said in a recent interview with Access. “So everything’s A-OK there.”

“That’s always a good sign, when he complains and he’s miserable,” Sharon adds. “Then you know it’s good.”

Ozzy should be good as new and ready to rock his May tour with Megadeth.

Watch Below: