New Rolling Stones Book Set for June Release

It may be February, but it is never too early to start searching for a good summer beach read! For Rolling Stones fans, a new book examining the band’s ties to New York City is set to be published on June 25.

The book–Can’t Give It Away on Seventh Avenue: The Rolling Stones and New York City–takes its title from the Stone’s song, “Shattered,” and begins with the group’s arrival in the city in 1964.

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“There’s more Rolling Stones history in New York City than any other city in America and, I would argue, any other city in the world,” author Christopher McKittrick tells BestClassicBands. “The Stones have played virtually every venue of note in New York as a group or with their solo bands, and so many of their concert tours have kicked off with major publicity events in New York. [MickJagger, [KeithRichards and [RonnieWood all lived in New York for a time and became part of the social scene, and Charlie Watts’ boyhood dream was to be a New York City jazz drummer.”

You can order Can’t Give It Away on Seventh Avenue now at