New Bon Jovi Track, ‘Unbroken,’ Honors The Troops

Jon Bon Jovi dropped a late night Halloween treat at midnight with the release of a new Bon Jovi song, “Unbroken,” available for download on iTunes.

“Our new song “Unbroken” is out now! This song was written for the film “To Be of Service” about veterans and their service dogs,” the band announced on Twitter and Facebook. “All proceeds from your downloads will benefit the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.”

Produced with John Shanks, the song–a first person narrative about a young soldier’s journey through war and it’s aftermath–is framed by solemn and drums providing the backdrop and building blocks of the story as Bon Jovi sets the tone with the lyrics, “I was born to be of service/Camp Lejeune just felt like home/I had honor, I found purpose/Sir, yes, sir, that’s what I know.”

The story continues after boot camp, as the soldier talks of his unit being sent to a place “I’d never heard of weeks before/
When you’re 19 it ain’t hard to sleep/In the desert on God’s floor.”

In a video released on YouTube, Bon Jovi took a moment to tell fans about the track, which also gives a nod to service dogs with the lyric, “My service dogs done more for me/than the medication would.”

“(It’s) about soldiers returning from war and dealing with PTSD,” he said.

The track will also be featured on the band’s forthcoming record, Bon Jovi 2020, set for a Spring release.

Bon Jovi announced the record this summer on his “Runaway to Paradise” Mediterranean cruise. It is the follow-up to the 2016 release, This House is Not For Sale.

“‘This House is Not For Sale’ dealt with personal matters, and now it’s behind us,” he said during an acoustic set on the boat. “Now I have clear vision moving forward.”

Bon Jovi added that the album will feature more “socially conscious” themes, including songs about the recent shootings in Ohio and Texas.

“I’m very happy with it,” he said. “It’s a different record.”

To download, click HERE.

See the video below: