Motley Crue Kickstarts The Super Bowl With New Planters Ad

We all can agree that the best part of watching The Superbowl is the commercials, right?

This Sunday, Motley Crue will be part of the fun with a new Planters Peanuts ad that includes their “Dr. Feelgood” hit, “Kickstart my Heart.”

Starring in the clip–titled “Mr. Peanut is Always Right There in Crunch Time”– is Charlie Sheen and Former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. The clip–which warms “Don’t Drive Like a Nut”–follows the adventures of Mr. Peanut tearing up the road in a Planters hot rod. The ad features a line of dialogue deadpanned by Sheen that is laugh out loud funny.

Mr. Peanut also rescues A-Rod from dipping into a bowl of –ack–Kale chips!

Watch Below for the kicker: