Mick Jagger to Star in New Thriller

Mick Jagger is returning to the silver screen!

The Rolling Stones frontman is attached to the forthcoming thriller, “The Burnt Orange Heresy” alongside Claes Bang and Elizabeth Debicki . Directed by Giuseppe Capotondi,  Jagger will portray an English art dealer-collector and patron of Jerome Debney, the reclusive J.D. Salinger of the art world. Production begins in Italy on Sept. 24.

Rolling Stones to Re-Release ‘Sympathy for the Devil” Film

The plot centers on an art world scam that goes terribly wrong, with Jagger’s character in the center of the chaos.

Bang portrays an art critic who begins a romance Debecki, an American on vacation in Italy. The new lovers travel to Jagger’s lavish and opulent Lake Como estate, who offers a seductive deal: in exchange for a career-transformative introduction to Debney, he must steal a new masterpiece from the artist’s studio, Variety reports.

This isn’t Mick’s first turn as a thespian. You may remember his role in the 1992 Emilio Estevez film, Freejack. He also appeared in the  indie films Bent and The Man From Elysian Fields while working behind the scenes on projects including EnigmaThe WomenGet on Up and a few Stones documentaries. He most recently helped bring HBO’s cinematic Vinyl to life, with co-producer Martin Scorsese.

As for The Stones, Jagger appears active in that arena as well. He recently tweeted a clip of himself playing harmonica on “new tunes”. This month, the Stones film Sympathy for the Devil will be screened at the Museum of Modern Art.