Mick Jagger Attends Rolling Stones Themed Ballet

Mick Jagger is back in action!

The Rolling Stones front man was on hand Thursday night (April 18) to support his girlfriend and first-time choreographer Melanie Hamrick at the opening of the Stones-themed ballet, “Porte Rouge.”

“I hope you are going to enjoy this wonderful new ballet, and of course, the music,” he said in a pre-recorded message to the audience attending the Youth America Grand Prix 20th anniversary gala.

Mick Jagger Lucky to Be Alive, Says Brother

He was backstage as well, enjoying the performance at the David Koch Theater. 500 guests, including gala co-chairs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, attended the New-York based affair, which included a three-chorus dinner, Variety Reports.

“He is doing wonderful,” Hamrick said of his recovery at a post-performance dinner. “I am just happy he saw it.  It was special to me. Hopefully, it was special for him.”

The ballet features Stones songs picked by Mick, including “She’s a Rainbow,” “Sympathy for the Devil,” and “Paint it Black,” with a look-alike Jagger presenting the songs in the dance.