Lindsey Buckingham says Stevie Nicks ‘Can’t Compete’ with his ‘Vitality’

Could Lindsey Buckingham see himself returning to the Fleetwood Mac fold? Sure, he says.

“Look, it’s Fleetwood Mac, anything’s possible,” Buckingham said in a new interview with Stereogum. “Maybe they’ll get it out of their system. If they ask me to come back, would I? Sure, because to me I think the lack of a proper farewell tour, if that’s what we’re doing, that doesn’t undercut…the legacy that we have so carefully built as the five of us, which they’re not doing right now.”

What the band is doing touring with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House singer Neil Finn is what he describes as, “a cover band kind of deal.”

Buckingham said he has not talked to any members from the band with the exception of Christine McVie. He does not expect to hear from anyone else at the moment–particularly Stevie Nicks, who could be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame when the Class of 2019 is announced on Thursday (Dec. 13).

“Once we signed some [legal] papers a few weeks ago, I did hear from Christine in an email, as I expected to,” he said. “I know Mick [Fleetwood] would probably like to, but I think he’s too embarrassed and just a little too weak-willed to do it. I won’t hear from Stevie because it was all her trip anyway.”

He adds, “I just have to forgive them because it’s really just Stevie being so needy for a certain kind of attention and maybe not wanting to compete with the vitality that I have.”