Hungry? Have Some Chicken Soup with Bon Jovi

How does Bon Jovi keep healthy on the road? Chicken Soup for the soul.

In a new segment released by the band, Jon Bon Jovi explains that while his own father made a big pot of sauce for the boys to take out on the road, drummer Tico Torres’ grandmother and mother were “the chicken soup people.”

“Tico used to always say ‘I just want chicken soup in the dressing room,'” said Jon, doing his best Tico impression.

“It became a ritual to the point where the guy just don’t do soundcheck until they have a bowl of chicken soup,” he said.

“I can’t live without chicken soup,” confesses Torres.

The video is the latest in a series of vignettes sharing stories from the road on the group’s “This House is Not for Sale” tour. Watch below: