How Did This Piece of Bon Jovi History Make it Into The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino?

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino celebrated its grand opening in Atlantic City on Thursday (June 28), and it was a sight to behold for rock and roll fans seeking out up close views of rare rock and roll memorabilia: from The Beatles stage clothing, to Bob Dylan’s guitar, David Bowie‘s fashions, Bruce Springsteen’s denim jacket or a guitar used on Bon Jovi’s “New Jersey” tour.

One thing we did NOT expect to see displayed: a love letter written by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora to his ex-girlfriend, Lehua Reid, dated June 24, 1989. The couple dated from 1986 through 1988, and although 1989 was the beginning of Sambora’s high-profile coupling with Cher, it is clear his mind was still turning back time to his time with Reid.

Seriously, this steamy letter is the material of hot romance novels, and one would think something private not meant to be shared with the outside world, but there on the wall it was: handwritten declarations of love and lust.

“I lay awake at night thinking about you, then when I do fall asleep I dream about making love to you,” he wrote. “The romantic nights in Australia, the evenings in St. John, the month we spent in Hawaii–those were the happiest and most beautiful moments of my life! Our passion poured like a fiery waterfall every time we made love, anytime, anywhere..Those feelings are locked in my soul.”

Just when you think it couldn’t get any hotter, Sambora really gets into it, writing “I constantly daydream about holding you in my arms, and fantasize about making love to you in the pool. God, that was intense! The emotional explosion that occurred every time we were together was the warmest and most exciting feelings I have ever experienced.”

Then, the big sweetie writes: “I guess I’m just hopelessly in love with you!”

And just when it gets to be too much, he writes (for real): “I’ll be there for you…..Forever. See you in my dreams. All my love, Richie!”

Sambora went on to marry (and divorce) Heather Locklear, and is now coupled with guitarist Orianthi.

Look at the pics below: