Fans Petition to Name Black Hole After Chris Cornell (Link Below)

No sooner did scientists discover the first ever image of a black hole, did the band,  Soundgarden, notice a similarity to the album art work of its 1994 release, Superunknown.

The band made the comparison as they posted a photo of the black hole on Twitter with the caption, “Looks oddly familiar.”

Now, fans of the late front man Chris Cornell have activated a petition via to name it after the Soundgarden hit, “Black Hole Sun.”

“Almost two years ago, we lost Chris Cornell. He was the lead singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave, and above all, the voice of an entire generation. He was one of the most beloved figures not just in rock, but all of music, by people from all over the world,” reads the petition, spearheaded by Giuliana Jarrin. “His music, his voice and his personality inspired, influenced, changed and even saved the lives of thousands of people. Chris left a heavy legacy for a new generation of musicians who follow in his footsteps. His memory will remain forever alive in the hearts of all his family, friends, fans and all the people who love him, and his music will do the same in each record, song or video we play.”

“For this reason, and the impact Chris Cornell had in the lives of so many and music itself, I ask NASA, the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration and all the astronomers and scientists involved in this discovery, to name this black hole after Chris Cornell.”

The black hole–Messier 87 (M87)–is 53 million light years from Earth. (One light year is 5.9 trillion miles, or 9.5 trillion kilometers, away). It is six billion times the mass of our sun.

The petition is seeking 5,000 signatures, and now has about 3,273.

To sign, go HERE.