Eddie Van Halen Unveils ‘Eruption’ Guitar Line

Guitar enthusiasts have plenty to celebrate this week with the announcement of the all-new line of the Eddie Van Halen 40th Anniversary “Eruption” guitars.

Just announced for sale on Van Halen’s web page include the  Super ’78 — limited to only 8 pieces; the ’78 Eruption Relic — limited to only 30 guitars; and the ’78 Eruption — limited to only 40 pieces. Want the black and white guitar? Be ready to party with over $2k.

“Of all the guitars I’ve ever built, the white and black guitar will always be my favorite because it did all the things I needed a guitar to do, which prior to that guitar did not exist. So much changed because of it,” Eddie wrote of his favorite model. “I recorded the first album with it and did (Van Halen‘s) first world tour with it. The ’78 Eruption tribute is as close to my original in sound and feel as humanly possible. I’m incredibly proud of it.”

Also unveiled: a recreated version of  Eddie Van Halen’s original G&G case loaded up with the very items used by him at the time, such as ‘70s-era Fender Super Bullets strings, Van Halen ‘70s tortoiseshell picks, ’78 chain strap and three-in-one oil.

The tribute models are also accompanied by an exclusive collector’s booklet, a backstage pass vinyl cloth sticker, 8-inch-by-10-inch 1978 concert photo of Eddie Van Halen, autographed certificate of authenticity and an autographed vinyl copy of Van Halen.

To start shopping, click HERE.

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