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Eddie Money Talks “Real Money” With Michele Amabile

With 40 years in the music business, Eddie Money has some tales to tell–including that time he got booted from touring with The Rolling Stones.

“We didn’t finish up The Stones tour because we were getting too many encores,” Money tells Michele Amabile, who is on the air every day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on The New 1071 The Boss.

Money still gets those encores with jam packed shows playing a full set of hits–“Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “I Think I’m in Love” and “Take Me Home Tonight,”  his smash hit with Ronnie Spector. There is a small change, however, as the musicians in the band are Money’s kids–daughter, Jesse (vocals, including the iconic solo Spector line on “Take Me Home Tonight”), Dez (guitar), and Julian, (drums). Money has five children, including Zach-who  handles the family’s financials–and Joe, an aspiring electronic musician.

Money’s life is featured in the new reality show, Real Money, airing Sunday nights at 9 pm on AXS TV. Each episode shines the spotlight on his family, with plenty of colorful interaction with his wife, Laurie, who holds it all together.

“She handles a lot of the business,” he says.

With all of the attention on the show, Money is hot again, with a new record in the works and a terrific new song, “Brand New Day,” which he is excited to share with Boss listeners.

“It’s very optimistic. It talks about me losing my mother and moving out to California,” he says.

Listen to “Brand New Day” below!

In a wide ranging interview, Money shares stories about his mother’s wisdom (“You get thin when you’re ready to die–have another piece of pie”), stories behind his biggest hits, inside information about the show, and his motivation to keep performing.

“I got five kids–I’ll do anything to get out of the house,” he says.


Listen to the complete interview below: