Don McLean Claps Back at UCLA; Offers ‘Bribe Money’ to ‘Grease the College Wheels’

Don McLean has been uninvited by the UCLA Student Alumni Association as the recipient of the  2019 George and Ira Gershwin Award for Lifetime Musical Achievement.

The association rescinded the honor “upon learning that Mr. McLean had previously been convicted of domestic violence charges,” a statement explains.

The honor–slated to be awarded May 17 at the Spring Sing event in Los Angeles–was originally announced on Monday (May 6).

The association wrote that it “rejects any behavior — including violence and the threat of violence in all its forms — that does not uphold the True Bruin Values,” adding, ” We extend our support to survivors of domestic violence.”

Not long after, McLean clapped back on Facebook, throwing a little shade in with a reference to recent college admission scandals,  writing:

“You awarded me your George and Ira Gershwin [lifetime] achievement award and then took it back because you found out about my squabble with my ex wife,” McLean writes. “This has been all over the internet for 3 years. Are you people morons? This is settled law. Maybe I need to give you some bribe money to grease the college wheels.”

He adds, “Don’t ever come near me again unless you offer me an apology for the damage you have done me. I am guilty of nothing to do with assault and you had better make that clear. We live in a dark age of accusation and not law.”

McLean was arrested in 2016 for domestic assault against his now-ex-wife. The charges were dismissed in 2017 as part of a plea agreement.