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Bruce Springsteen Reveals His ‘Epitaph’; Premieres Trailer for ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ (Video)

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In a new, wide-ranging interview with Esquire, Bruce Springsteen reveals the one song that will long be remembered as his epitaph: “Born to Run.”

“Those are my lines. ‘Born to Run.’ That’s my epitaph, if you wanna know my epitaph. There it is. It still is, probably—I use the song at the end of the show every night as a summary. The idea is that it can contain all that has come before. And I believe that it does.” Sadness, love, madness, soul. I tell him: Those are your four elements,” he says. ““The last verse of my greatest song. And that’s where it ought to end every night.Twenty-four when I wrote it. Wow. It’s a . . . holds up pretty well. But I . . . that was what I was aiming for in those days—that’s what I was shooting for.”

Springsteen is getting ready to complete  236-show run at Jujamcyn’s Walter Kerr Theatre, Springsteen on Broadway, Dec. 15. On that same weekend, the show will be available globally on Netflix (Dec. 16).

Springsteen goes into great detail about his childhood, depression, his relationship with his father, politics, and answers a very personal question about whether or not he will be buried in the family plot at St. Rose of Lima in Freehold.

“That’s a big question,” he says. “And I’ve asked myself that question on a variety of occasions. Will I end up there? I don’t know. I think I’ll just be . . . I think I’ll just spread myself around a little bit. Maybe a little in the ocean. [Laughs] A little in town. Here and there.”

To read the whole interview, click HERE.

And to watch a preview of Springsteen on Broadway, click below: