Bruce Springsteen, Michael Stipe Join Patti Smith at New York Show

Monday nights are dark nights for Broadway productions, giving actors and performers a chance to rest their voices.

Bruce Springsteen –who has taken the week off from his show, “Springsteen on Broadway”–must have missed that memo, because the 68-year old rocker found a way to make the most of his free time, joining Patti Smith at New York’s Beacon theater for a duet of “Because the Night,” the song he wrote then gave to her for the 1978 album, Easter.

“I want to say that this song always makes me think of three men: Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith, who inspired it, Jimmy Iovine who produced it, and Bruce Springsteen who wrote it,” she said.

Springsteen wasn’t the only rocker in the house: Smith also called R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe to the show’s finale:  a jam of “People Have the Power.”

“Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith and I wrote this song with the great hope that it would inspire and incite people to action. We are moving into a new time, and I look at our young people to lead us. Five individuals can inspire, but it the millions, it is the people who make change,” she said. “People, we need to make change: now.”

The performance was a part of New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. Smith was on hand to perform after the screening of Steve Sebring’s documentary “Horses: Patti Smith and her Band.”

The film chronicles Smith’s 2015 and 2016 tour marking the 40th anniversary of her landmark album “Horses.”