Bruce Springsteen Goes Guitar Shopping in Boston–With Peter Wolf

We have solved the mystery of Bruce Springsteen’s whereabouts at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend for the premiere of the film, “Blinded By the Light.”

Bruce was guitar shopping in Boston with Peter Wolf,  of J Geils Band fame.

Last Friday (Jan. 25) Springsteen and Wolf sauntered into Mr. Music in Allston to check out some instruments. Wolf is a regular at Mr. Music, and brought him in for a 40-minute shopping jaunt.

Bruce Springsteen Skips Sundance Premiere of ‘Blinded By the Light’

“We have been in business for 46 years and he’s one of the biggest rock stars we’ve seen. He’s very, very nice,” Mr. Music manager Tom Barone told the website, Vanyaland. “He and Peter were just hanging out playing guitar–jamming a bit.”

What instrument caught Springsteen’s attention? He hung out in the Telecaster section and tried a Gibson Byrdland guitar from the ’70s. He didn’t but it, but someone else snapped it up later that day.  Springsteen also noticed an old photo he autographed hanging on the wall from the ’70s.

Springsteen and Wolf have history. He joined Wolf, Jackson Browne and fellow E-Streeter Steven Van Zandt in 2017 at the PNC Bank Arts Center.