Bruce Springsteen Gives Fans a First Ever Encore on Broadway

Do you have tickets to see Springsteen on Broadway this summer? If so, you may be getting a bonus!

For the first time since Bruce Springsteen began his historic run of shows at The Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City, the Freehold native has added an encore to the set list.

On Tuesday night (July 10), the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer returned to the stage to perform the song, “This Hard Land”–first released on his 1995 Greatest Hits compilation–with an invitation for plenty of social interaction.

“You’re a beautiful audience … you’re so good, you guys get the first encore ever,” he said before his final bows. “Feel free to take a picture.”

If you don’t have tickets or were not there, no worries! The Boss has video courtesy of Vince Palko: