Bon Jovi Reflects on ‘This House is Not For Sale’ Tour in New Video Series

Bon Jovi is looking back on their “This House is Not For Sale” tour with a series of videos featuring exit interviews and reflections from the road.

In the first segment, the Rock and Roll  Hall of Famers are asked about their favorite venue to play, and overwhelmingly the group talks about Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Always the joker, keyboardist Dave Bryan says his love of the Garden goes back to when he saw KISS there in 1977 when he was 13, which means that group is “really old.”

Jon Bon Jovi has a special relationship with the venue, as it was the first opportunity the band had to play opening for a big band–ZZ Top.

The group was booked to play a thirty minute set, but Richie Sambora’s guitar didn’t work. A mixture of excitement and adrenaline cut the set to twenty minutes, or as Jon explains, the boys were playing as if they were The Ramones.

Drummer Tico Torres said the Garden always had a certain magic to it, as well.

Watch the video below: