Billy Joel Shoots Down Suggestion of a Biopic; Won’t Retire Like Elton John

Billy Joel isn’t harboring any hard feelings about Elton John’s recent comments calling him, “lazy.”

Joel-who turns 70 this week with a celebration on May 9 at Madison Square Garden-says he is open to working with the Rocket Man again if he inquires.

“Absolutely…if he asked me to,” he told Rolling Stone.

What he won’t do, he maintains, is have a biopic like the forthcoming Rocketman, due on May 31.

The Bitch is Back: Elton John Calls Billy Joel ‘Lazy’

“I don’t know if I’m interesting enough to make a movie out of. I lived my life. I don’t want to be redundant,” he said.

He also says, unlike Elton, he is not planning retirement just because of his age.

“I think the way it’ll happen is, there’ll be a night where I feel like I can’t do it well anymore — I can’t hit the notes, I don’t have the physical stamina, I’m not into it,” he says. “And that night, I’ll know it’s time to stop.”