Are The Kinks Getting Back Together?

File this in the we’ll believe it when we see it department: Ray Davies said in a recent BBC interview that The Kinks are getting back together.

Davies, 74, implied that he and his brother, Dave, and drummer Mick Avory, are “making a new Kinks album.”

“We’ve been talking about it because I’ve got all these songs that I wrote, then the band — not broke up, we parted company — and I think it’s kind of an appropriate time to do it,” he said.

Davies is releasing a new record,  “Our Country: Americana II,” his second album in collaboration with the Jayhawks, on Friday.

Now, although he DID say it in the interview, when Avory phoned in, Davies quipped, “The Kinks are getting back the pub at least.”

And if there is a reunion, it won’t be on a Rolling Stones scale, he added.

“[It]won’t be well-organized like the Stones,” he said. “Great band, great at organizing their careers and Mick [Jagger] has done an incredible PR job and it’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it — but the Kinks will probably play in the local bar,”

So, who knows? What do you think, Boss listeners?