Ann Wilson on Heart Break: ‘There’s No Feud”

Fans of Heart can see the Wilson sisters this Sunday (Aug 12) in two separate locations–Ann at the PNC Bank Arts Center and Nancy at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.

But make no mistake–the two sisters may be touring separately, but there is no beef, says Ann.

“Contrary to urban myth there’s no feud between Nancy and I,” she tells Billboard. “We’re talking. We’re sisters, so everything’s good there. We just wanted to get out and stretch our wings, and we’re loving that.”

She adds, “When the time is right we’ll get back together and do something again.”

Nancy is on the road with her new group Roadcase Royale, featuring one-time Prince backing singer Liv Warfield, Ann has been recording and performing with her own solo project under the moniker Ann Wilson of Heart. Her solo effort, Immortal, arrives Sept. 14.

For a taste, check out her new recording of the Leslie Gore classic, “You Don’t Own Me.” In Ann’s hands, with scorching guitar work courtesy of Warren Haynes, the song is “really heavy,” she explains.

“It could be the anthem of anyone who wants respect, anyone at all, not just women,” she says.