Toto’s Steve Lukather to Release Memoir

Founding Toto member Steve Lukather is set to publish his first memoir, The Gospel According To Luke next Tuesday (Sept. 18). 

The book promises to focus  on the band’s “outspoken spirit, and takes the reader behind the VIP curtain of rock and pop stardom recounting the vibrant and frequently lurid history of a vanquished golden age of the music business.”

“How many bands collectively (all members past to present) can say that they have played on 5,000 albums, had around 225 Grammy nominations, and were pretty much the house band on the biggest album in history?” remarked Lukather. 
The band’s brand new Greatest Hits package titled 40 Trips Around The Sun (Legacy Recordings – Sony) debuted in the top of the charts in multiple different countries.  Additionally, the group has found a new audience thanks to the band Weezer’s cover of its hit, “Africa.”
Toto will resume its Oct. 20. The band will release a box set, All In, this fall. To order, click HERE. To order the book, click HERE.
Lukather is currently on tour with Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band.